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Electronic Signature of Ascended Master Saint GermainDonations accepted for Saint Germain's non-profit organization, Seventh Ray Foundation reveals secrets to Ascension from Ascended Master Saint Germain given to Troika Saint Germain

As Received by Troika Saint Germain, Copyright 2006-2011


My Dear Beloved Family

I AM holding you in my Heart this Eve of 2012, for this year will be as no other. Your realm is filled with many prophesies, some of doom and gloom, conspiracies and death.

Dear Ones, fear not. Please remember that you are powerful far beyond your imagination would allow you to believe. To change this world is why you are here. Remember? You gladly chose to be here, now, to victor over the darkness.

Please enjoy your trials, and delight in your accomplishments, as you forever change the course of Humanity and all life on Beloved Earth. You are creating a history that has never been before nor will ever come again. Now is a Moment of Time that eons were necessary to create. Our Time has finally come and it will be glorious!

It is true that it is always darkest before the dawn. We are at the Dawn of the Golden Age!

Stay strong, choose Love over fear, no matter what illusions appear. They are only illusions, not true reality. Love and support each other, unite as One, and Victory will be yours. You are so close.

I AM Here with you ALL WAYS.

I AM your Brother.
I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
Received December 31, 2011

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I wish to give you assurance that the Golden Age is on target in spite of the chaos and turmoil you currently see in your world. How can the New come into being unless the Old is removed?

You may help speed up the changes we all so desire by using the Violet Flame daily as I have instructed, and keep your thoughts, emotions, and focus pure, calm, and positive.

I encourage you to also take steps to bring about the changes you desire in your world. Prayers, affirmations, intentions and visualizations are wonderful and important, however, they are only half of what is needed. They are of the Spirit, the Physical needs your attention and action as well.

You ask God, the Angels, myself and the other Masters to help you and your planet. But how may I ask, do you receive assistance from the Higher Realms? It is through Divine Inspiration that is then put into action by those in your realm. For YOU are the hands of God! Please hear that, YOU are the Hands of God! It is up to you to create and mold your world to your desires.

One more "encouragement" before I part. Do not let the outer world have any hold upon you. Many of you are still accepting the lies of your realm as truth. Believing the negative that is presented to you makes it so.

I hear your calls for abundance and prosperity often. Do you really think that you are having financial problems? Do you really believe that you are helpless to have more financial abundance? Please awaken to the fact that your I AM Presence is your Source of All Good Things! Not a paycheck or government welfare. When you shift your consciousness to this Great Truth and ACT as so, you will receive all that you ask.

The same is true for your health as well. You are perfect in the eyes of God.
As you see yourself that way, so ye shall become.

KNOW THAT YE ARE GODS . . . Create your Life and your World to your Perfection.

I AM your Brother,
I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain.
Received October 11, 2011


Greetings Dear Ones,

I have come forth with a message for you on this special night of your creation.

Know in truth that there is no time, there is no year, from where I AM. Time, days, years are only in your realm.

Your collective consciousness created time for your earthly experience. The fact that you BELIEVE in time and in a New Year actually makes it so, for it truly is YOUR thoughts and beliefs that create your world and all that you experience' collectively and individually.

Your Selves have always deemed a New Year as a New Start, a major change, a transformation.
You make your Resolutions as to how you wish to change. Few are kept.
Your Souls have tired of the "status quo" and passionately desire Ascension.
You are deeming this 2010 as even more transformational toward that goal, and So It Is.

Celestial energy has out done itself with special compassion!
A Blue Moon and Lunar Eclipse have been created for your transformational enjoyment.
Let's see if we can create a Violet Moon! That would be much more spectacular.

This eclipse focuses on emotion. I have spoken of the importance of clearing emotions for your Ascension before. Now, as always, is a perfect time to release that which burdens you.

A simple technique I shall give you, that is very effective.

Sit quietly, and surround yourself with the Violet Flame.
Reflect upon your life, your past, present and future selves.

First take note of how much you have already transformed from your pass days.
This serves to encourage you for more.
Now examine your current self -- just observe -- no judgments, please.

Ask the Violet Flame to blaze through you, transmuting all that no longer serves you, asking it to erase all core causes and memories of pain and suffering, lack, limitation and separation.
See this dense energy, experiences and thought forms as a cloud above your head.
Just let it stay there for a moment while you perform the next step.

Next, create vividly in your mind, who, how, what you wish to be, live, and do from this point on.

Envision what you want. Create a crystal clear picture with as much detail as you can.
Focus on the new you, your new life.
Feel it as real, not a wish or dream, but that it is already your reality.
Hold this reality and feel all the joy and bliss for as long as you can.

Look up at that cloud over your head.
Know that it does not belong to you any more.
Ask the Violet Flame to dissolve it, then turn it into Golden Light, the Light of the Christ Consciousness.

Ask this Golden Sphere to enter into your bodies, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
You will be encased in the Golden Light, and BE the Golden Light.

This exercise will help you to create the New You!

I say unto you, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
This is your New Year's Eve and I extend my Blessings.

~ I AM Saint Germain

Still. I wait for you. Still.

I watch you, encourage you, and wait for you to join me. Soon we shall all be together in the ascended realm.

My Golden Age will unfold as a magnificent Violet and Gold Lotus.
Can you see Its exquisite beauty?
Inhale Its Divine perfume?

Bridge your heart to mine. That bridge is the Violet Flame.
It will lead you here.

I will wait for you. Still.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain.
Received November 11, 2006

Blessings Dear Ones,

Close, you are so close. Can you feel it?

Can you feel me?
I AM with you when you feel your heart be lifted.
I AM with you when you cry with frustration.
I AM with you when you try once again.
I AM with you when you pledge to Be . . . All!

I AM with you ALL WAYS.

Continue to bath in The Violet Flame. Feel the Flame come through your Crown, filling every cell of your body. Feel the Flame circle and swirl around you. Ask for all lesser thoughts, emotions, actions and deeds to be transmuted. Ask for Forgiveness. Feel the smoke raise above you, carrying away the dross. See the smoke turn into the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness. Feel it return to you as Golden Raindrops. Use this Light for the Ascension of yourself and the planet.

You are so close!
I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain.
Received September 9, 2006

Greetings Dearest Ones,
No one needs to be told how intense the energies are now. Not only can you feel them, you can see the chaotic effects upon yourself, the planet and its people. We have reached the "beginning of the end" which is actually a wonderful place to be. Rejoice!

This is the time you have waited for, the reason you incarnated, the time for you to rise to the occasion and BE WHO YOU ARE, that Glorious Divine Being from the Heart of God! It is time to fulfill your chosen MISSION.

Please be very kind, gentle and patient with yourself and others during these times. Please stay calm, peaceful, joyous, blissful and IN LOVE with Life and Yourself, no matter what goes on around you or even to you. All these events that you view as problems are merely illusions. We are standing by you, with every step, and every breath you take. You are never alone or without help. You merely need to ask and We shall be there.

Please be the BRIGHT LIGHT that YOU ARE by standing strong and offering assistance whenever is it needed to ALL of life around you. Please also offer help and support to other Lightworkers who might be involved in their own personal challenges. Now, more than ever, is the time to come together as the Family of Light that you truly are.

My Golden Age has already started and its manifested reality is just around the corner. It just isn't getting media coverage! Choose carefully what you believe . . . war, fear and despair . . . or Peace, Harmony, Abundance, LOVE and the creation of Heaven on Earth. For your belief will create your reality.

Bathing in The Violet Flame, asking for all lesser thoughts, emotions, actions and deeds be transmuted, then followed by the Golden Light of the Christ Consciousness for yourself and the planet DAILY will bring forth healing, Victory and Our Golden Age faster than anything else. Forgiveness is extremely important for your growth and advancement right now. Please use The Violet Flame to forgive yourself and others. I AM asking that you do this to assist yourselves, the planet and Me. I AM asking that you also form local groups, even just 2 or 3 people is fine, to invoke the Violet Flame as an activity of World Service. Group energy is very powerful. These invocations will help tremendously.

Know that you are cherished more that you will ever know. Know that Our Victory is assured. Know that Our Celebration will Light the sky a Million times brighter than all the stars. Know that We are One.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain.
Received July 23, 2006

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