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Seventh Ray Foundation reveals secrets to Ascension from Ascended Master Saint Germain given to Troika Saint Germain

Odyssey Radio Show with Mike Shultz
Interview with Troika Saint Germain on March 19, 2007

Mike: Welcome to the show, Troika.

Troika: Hi Mike, thank you so much for inviting me to be on your show.

Mike: It's really an exciting network to be a part of, isn't it?

Troika: BBS is just great, it's really fabulous and Don our engineer and fearless leader is just the kindest most generous man, and we have such a great variety of show hosts and it's wonderful to get to meet them all.

Mike: Absolutely, I think we're going to grow in leaps and bounds this year. I wanted to just basically have a metaphysical dialogue with you because I know you are very deep along spiritual paths, so let's just go for it. I wanted to first talk about Saint Germain. Now my understanding in studying esoteric topics is that he was an actual human being, he lived in Europe in the 1700's, he was a metaphysical teacher, but when he passed on he somewhat stayed as an Ascended Master. Now maybe you can correct me, or why don't you tell me a little bit about Saint Germain as a person.

Troika: Okay, well Saint Germain had many embodiments on the planet. He was St. Joseph and today happens to be St. Joseph's feast day for the Catholic Church, so it's kind of a Saint Germain day for me. He was Merlin the Magician during the Camelot and King Arthur days, which really did exist; they are not just legends. He was in Atlantis. There was a Violet Flame Healing Temple that he was in charge of there, and there were a few other incarnations here and there. He was Francis Bacon, and Roger Bacon. I like to joke that he was Bacon twice.

Mike: He was involved with the Knights Templar wasn't he?

Troika: Yes, the thread throughout his lifetimes was always anchoring in the Divine Teachings and bringing in the Violet Flame or higher vibrational frequencies and information on how we can achieve those higher frequencies ourselves. He was instrumental with the Knights Templar and the Rosicrusions and the original Masons, who were not like the Masons of today, I'll just say that.

Mike: Well it is mind blowing that you mentioned Bacon, because I'm doing my third DVD right now and he was the one that was involved in getting treasure over to Canada to Oak Island and hiding it.

Troika: I haven't studied too much about the Bacon lives. I was thinking about a month ago, 'Gee I don't know much about the Bacon boys. I should because every time I study one of his incarnations, I get new insight and see more parallels. I forget if it was Francis or Roger, but one of them was the real Shakespeare who wrote all the things that are credited with Shakespeare, and during that time period, all the Shakespearean writing hid knowledge, hid higher knowledge in them, and talked about spiritual teachings if you know how to decode it. For instance, one of my favorites is "All the world's a stage, we're merely actors and actresses making our entrances and our exits". That's a reference to reincarnation and how we are all one, but that we play different roles at different times for different experiences. You know so much of Shakespeare's writing is tempered with secrets, but to answer your question. . .

Mike: Yes, we could go off on a million directions because it's just so fascinating, but basically he was an Ascending Master who keeps returning to the planet?

Troika: Actually I think that he was an Ascended Master to begin with, because if you study all those lifetimes that he had, quite a few of them or most of them have a common theme of secrecy and misunderstanding and not accurate data about who he really was, when he was born, where he was born, who his heritage is and that's because most often he was a walk-in or just materialized a body right then and there and didn't really go through the birth process. The lifetime that belongs to the name Saint Germain, and the one that most people associate with him was his most recent one, and yes it was the 1700's, but it was also the 1600's, the 1700's and some of the 1800's.

Mike: So he lived quite a while in this last incarnation?

Troika: Yes, over 300 years in the same body.

Mike: Amazing. Has that been documented, that he lived that long and never aged?

Troika: Yes, never looked past the age of 40 to 50, depending on whose opinion of what 40 or 50 looked like. Many people that he knew when they were children would see him and he looked exactly as he did 50 or 60 years prior, and they assumed that it was his father or grandfather that they knew as a child, and he would say 'No my dear, it was I'. There's a famous quote when someone says to him, 'Well if that was true, you must be well over 100 years old', and his answer was 'Well, that is not impossible. They called him the 'Wonder Man of Europe', and being that the time period that he lived in was a well documented period and that there is historical data that's not metaphysically slanted, just the facts of the time, it is easy to trace and see how long he lived. What he did quite often was assume aliases to take the spotlight off of himself and the fact that he didn't age. He would fake his death and then pop up somewhere else with a different name.

Mike: Actually now did he leave behind writings at that time?

Troika: Yes, he wrote a book that is currently published and you can buy it through Manly Palmer Hall's organization, the Philosophical Research Society, and it's called 'The Holy Trinosophia'. It's written in French but it is translated into English, and it has a lot of alchemical secrets, and it was something he wrote in the 1700's.

Mike: Does he get into mono atomic gold - I just have to ask you, powdered gold, does he talk about that?

Troika: He doesn't call it that, and there is a reference to a white powder that people saw him with or saw around him. I asked him about that, I asked him if it was what we call ormus or monatomic gold, and he said that no, it really was not, it was what is known as the Divine Ash. His body just created it. That was the white powder that was around him.

Mike: I see. Now he manifested to you when you were a child, correct?

Troika: Yes, as an as adult too, off and on quite a few times in my life.

Mike: I see. Do you have a vision, or how does he appear?

Troika: He's appeared to me in lots of different forms. He's appeared to me in actual physicality, that's what I call the physical manifestations, where he looked as solid as you and I would appear to each other. He has not done that that often, maybe 10 or 12 times throughout my life, but there have been times where it has been inter-dimensional or telepathic, or on what I call the movie screen, the 3rd Eye movie screen. When those would happen at first I thought, 'Oh, I'm just making this up', but then I said something about it to him one time and he said 'Oh, you think you were making that up? Try conjuring up a vision of me or anyone else, and hold it in your mind's eye in the great detail that I reveled myself to you, and see how long you can hold that thought with that vision', and of course I tried and tried and tried, and you can't do it. So now I've learned that that is a form of manifestation. So he's come all different ways, and a lot of times he changes his appearance. Especially in the beginning he changed his appearance a lot, and I said to him one time, 'Why do you always look different?' and he kind of laughed and said, 'Well, because I can', and then he said, 'No, seriously, the reason is that I want you to recognize me by my energy and not by my appearance. Appearances can be faked and duplicated but energy cannot.' So it was a training period for me to recognize his real energy and not be swayed by physical appearance.

Mike: Okay, now my understanding of just the metaphysical movement in general is that we're going through a period of ascension and transcendence and rising, and our DNA is changing. Can you talk a little bit about ascension and what he says about that?

Troika: Well, what ascension is in the way that he describes it and the way he has taught me is…because before hand, my thought of ascension was more graphic of ascending, where you lift up and go somewhere and just disappear so to speak, you know the vision of Jesus rising into the heavens and all of that, and he tells me that it is really the opposite of that. Ascension is really descention, in the fact that what we consider ascension or how you really translate from the 3rd dimensional physical form into the higher divine self, is that you bring the higher aspects of yourself, your I Am Presence, and the Christ Consciousness, and the higher self, and I've got that in reverse order - that's from the top going down - you bring those parts of you into your physical body. Or another way of saying it is that you expand your consciousness out to encompass those aspects of yourself, so it's really bringing those higher energies into the physical body that causes us to translate or transform, rather than us getting airy-fairy and floating up and escaping somewhere. That's what we are really doing is anchoring in those higher frequencies and higher dimensions into this earth plane and into our physical earth bodies and then that will cause the change and cause the whole planet to lift.

Mike: What can you tell our audience as far as a practical technique for ascension? What can they do, meditate to Saint Germain, or how would you describe it?

Troika: First off, Saint Germain does not want to be worshiped or prayed to. He is our brother, in fact Saint Germain in Latin is Sanctus Germanus, which means Holy Brother, and he considers himself everybody's bigger brother, you know, if we're in high school, he's in college, just slightly ahead of us but very willing and very available to help everyone.

The main secret to ascension - and it's very easy actually, it's so easy that a lot of people dismiss it because it is too easy, and it's easy to say but then to do it is a little trickier. The only thing one needs to do to ascend or transform or translate, or whichever term someone wants to use - they're all kind of interchangeable - is to raise their frequency.

There is a multitude of ways to do that. A lot of people think they have to do lots of chanting or affirmations or eat a certain way or do this, do that, stand on their head and throw avocados at the wall (laughs) or whatever practice - and all of those things can and do work and people find what fits them and what gives them a feeling of satisfaction or results. I mean really if there are a million people, then there are a million paths. We all have our own unique way of achieving that, there is no one rule or one practice that is going to work for everyone, it's not a one size fits all type of thing.

So he always says to let your heart guide you as to what's appropriate for you and to get the answers from within your own being and your own self rather than pay thousands of dollars to have some workshop leader tell you what worked for them, because just 'cause it worked for them, it may not work for you, and we are to get our answers from within, and you find your answers not in your head, and not in the reading of lots of books. You find your answers in your heart. It's always to follow your heart, and what makes you feel the most lifted.

Mike: Ya like whenever you go into any situation, you ask yourself does this feel good or am I off track? Whenever you even walk into any building or any place, does this feel right or is it off? Then your heart has a pretty strong intuition. That makes a lot of sense to me.

Troika: Exactly. I was just going to tell you these little easy things too. You know music and sound is frequency made audible. So if you listen to really high frequency, very uplifting music, I mean it's even been proven by scientists that Mozart, the music by Mozart, affects people's brain waves, so different music that really lifts you, changes your frequency and vibration is good to just have around you all the time. Chose the highest rather than listening to rap, listen to music that makes you feel very lifted and very rapturous and light. Surrounding or having your house filled with pictures or images that touch your heart and make you fill lifted, maybe statues of an angel or geometric patterns like the sacred mandalas, things like that. Having that stuff around to where everywhere you turn and you look you see something that reminds you to be lifted and to be higher. There are just a lot of ways that people can use these tools that none of them themselves will get you anywhere, but they remind you, they wake up your higher senses to always think and always be in that state. Of course using the Violet Flame is just the ultimate frequency raiser and karma eraser, and all around great tool.

Mike: We're going to get into that in just a minute, but I wanted to ask you what Saint Germain had to say about the life of Jesus, specifically this character of Satan. You know the Christians insist that there is this devil with a pitch fork, just waiting to throw us into the burning fires of hell. Is this Satan character just a manifestation of the church, just a scare tactic, or was this character real?

Troika: Yes, most of that kind of stuff was created by religious leaders that had a vested interest in keeping their parishioners chained and in fear and listening and accepting only what they say, in other words giving your power away to a church or a religion or a temple or a guru rather than going by your own heart and learning your own techniques and rising above. So in my understanding there is really no Satan as a being outside of our selves that is creating all this havoc, but what there is, is that we all have our own duality within us. Some people call it our light side and dark side or our shadow side or our self-saboteur self, whatever you want to call it. Because we contain all things, and because we can tap into anything that there is in the universe, because we are all one, and you can tune into whatever aspect of the One that you want to, there is a less attractive side to of all of us. You know it's easy for us to point to the mid-east or something and say 'God, they're crazy, they're just killing each other and there is just so much hatred over there', but it wouldn't exist in the universe if we didn't all have a little piece of that in our selves under the right condition, so that could be called maybe Satan or the lower energies. As we grow and bring in more of our higher aspects, that stuff just naturally leaves. You shine a light into the darkness and the rats and the cockroaches scurry; they cannot stay in the light.

Mike: Now, what does Saint Germain have to say about the year 2012? Is the Mayan calendar accurate, is this the end of the 25,000-year cycle, or is this just another year?

Troika: Well it's all of the above. There is definitely a shift coming, and 2012, every major religion and philosophical belief and all of that all kind of point to 2012 as the time period. Whether it's exactly 2012 or 2011 or 2013 or even 2007, has a lot to do with the collective consciousness and how soon we can move into the new frequencies. It's not all just going to happen on December 21st 2012, you know, everything just normal, normal, normal, normal, BOOM - we're in the 5th dimension. It's a gradual process and the process actually started with the Harmonic Conversion back in 1987.

Mike: Absolutely. 25 years exactly before 2012. We're in it now. You look at the booksellers, and The Secret is the number one book, not in the New Age market but the general market. I mean something is happening here!

Troika: Yes, well you can see the shift and the changes in every aspect of our lives. It's just everywhere, except the media chooses not to report too much of it...

Mike: We're the new media now.

Troika: Yeah, the New Age type radio stations like ours and the Internet really have blown the lid off the control of information. We can all be publishers and broadcasters. People are just changing, you know, people that don't even know they're changing are changing. It's not just the New Age folks and the conscious seekers. You run into average Jane and Joe America or Jane and Joe European or whatever, and all of a sudden things will come out of their mouths that they would have never said or thought 5 or 6 years ago. They might not understand the metaphysical principles or spiritual principles, but they are living it, and of course that's all that really matters, is how you live your life and not what you know in your head. It's who you become that's more important than your esoteric knowledge. You see the reverse, you see people that have studied metaphysics all their life, you know they know what every book says, they know what all the principles say, but they don't live it. They're not walking their talk, or living through the knowledge, they have not become the knowledge. Then there are other people that have never read a metaphysical book at all but are living the principles, and that's more important.

Mike: Now let's talk about this technique known as the Violet Flame. Why don't you describe it and explain how it can benefit people.

Troika: Okay, the Violet Flame is an actual, existing, tangible, inter-dimensional fire. It exists, and I've been very blessed on several occasions to see it with 3rd dimensional eyes and to actually photograph it. I didn't know until the film was developed what I was photographing, but I'd develop the film and go 'Oh my God, there's a Violet Flame right in the middle of it. . .

Mike: It really is violet?

Troika: Yes, yes, and the way it looks is exactly like our 3rd dimensional fire, in a fireplace or whatever, only our fire flickers in from white, well actually from the little tiny blue center all the way through white and yellow and orange as it flickers. The Violet Flame looks exactly like that only it runs from a real intense hot pink, to lavender and violet and deep purple edges. It's sometimes called the Sacred Fire, or the Secret Fire, and it's always been around, and anyone that ascended, or was and Adept or a high level student of this kind of stuff, knew about the Violet Flame. Their master or teacher, usually an inter-dimensional non-physical master or teacher, would reveal the Violet Flame to them just as they were about to ascend, and it was the secret final touch. I mean Jesus went through it, Buddha went through it, and everybody that has raised themselves out of the 3rd dimensional physicality went through the Violet Flame, but it was usually secret. In the 1930's Saint Germain went through a lot of hoops on the other side to allow the Violet Flame to become common knowledge so that we could use it as a tool to ascend faster.

What the Violet Flame does is it transmutes anything that is not desirable, mis-qualified thoughts, actions, deeds, negative thoughts, karma, misunderstanding with people, undesirable qualities in your self such as low self-esteem, or feelings of unworthiness or emotional pain, anger, (Mike: trauma) feelings of separation and lack, poverty consciousness, I mean on and on and on. The Violet Flame is only limited by one's imagination, and so by using the Violet Flame, you can transmute all of these lower aspects of your self into the higher aspects.

It doesn't just take it away, which would be great in itself if it just took it away, but it's the ultimate concept of alchemy, of turning lead into gold. So the Violet Flame will take all the "lead" aspects of ourselves and turn them into the golden light of the Christ Consciousness, and it's a very fast way to completely and totally change oneself, and raise frequency and vibration.

Mike: Well, I've been practicing it the past week or two, and I feel a sense of calmness, a little bit different. It's hard to describe, but why don't you take us through the technique and we can all you know, do this on our own?

Troika: Well, there are many different ways of using the Violet Flame. What I call Violet Flame 101 is an easy kind of technique; it takes me much longer to explain it than to actually do it, but I like to explain the detail and give people maybe a visualization that they can use to remind them of what they are doing, so that they have an understanding of what they're doing. Once you have an understanding of what you're doing, you don't have to memorize a bunch of stuff to say. You know the concept and you can just pull it in and use it with your own words, and it just happens very quickly. Once you understand it you can do the whole transmutation stuff with the Violet Flame in like 30 seconds if you want to. In the beginning people usually take a little longer because they, you know, have that concept of 'Oh Gosh, am I doing this right? I don't want to miss anything', when in reality the Violet Flame is very intuitive and it will make up for what you forgot to say.

Mike: It's your intent.

Troika: Yes, it is. It's 100% your intent. You know there are certain organizations that have very structured, written, little rhymey things to say to use the Violet Flame and they spend hours a day reciting these things back and forth, and you know, of course, they all say it came from Saint Germain and this and that. What Saint Germain has told me is that people can do that if they want, but they spend more time trying to memorize these things and getting it right than their intent, and the words become the whole practice to them sometimes, when it should be the other way around. He says 'I don't care what a person says, or how they say it, it's better to come from your heart and have the emotion and the feeling and the intensity of desire.' That is much more productive and effective than these cute little rhymed words.

Mike: Right, you gave me a pretty straightforward visual with the crystal light and the transformation. Why don't we go through that so everyone can do that?

Troika: Okay, so what I suggest people do and this is what I do for myself, I either sit comfortably or I lay down flat on my back in bed. Position is not important, just so you're comfortable. I do it when I wake up in the morning and I do it when I go to sleep at night, so hence the laying in the bed is, you know, the easiest.

First you ask for the Violet Flame to be made manifest within you. Some people like to call upon a deity of choice to produce the Violet Flame for you, or once you get past that and you realize that you are a master yourself and a creator god, you can just say 'I call upon the Violet Flame to be made manifest within me now'. So whether you use a deity or you just use your own request, it doesn't matter, it only matters to you, so pick what you want to do, and call in the Violet Flame.

The visual that I use is; I see a big ball of Violet Flame, you know, this big ball of fire, come in through my crown chakra and come into my entire body and just flood my whole body, so that everything within my skin and including my skin is blazing with the Violet Flame. You can ask for it to fill every speck within your body, all your organs, all your cells, your nerves, your bones, you know, you can get real detailed if you want or you can just call it in and see the visual or feel that visual with the intent that everything be there.

So once you bring it into yourself, then I also expand it out so that it is surrounding me, so I'm standing in kind of like a big egg shape of Violet Flame, and it's outside me and inside me, and the being outside yourself concept, or the purpose of that, is to include your other bodies. You know you've got your physical body, but then you've got your mental, emotional, and spiritual body, and you want to contain all of your bodies in the Violet Flame.

So the first step is bringing it in, and the second step is asking for transmutation, and you can again do what I call the laundry list, example 'Violet Flame, please transmute all karma, all negative thoughts, feelings, actions, deeds, all feelings of separation, or lack of worth, transmute that little anger spurt I had last week with so-and-so,' or again you can get real detailed with what you want to transmute, and some people like to do that, or you can just say . . .

Mike: Or just do negative energy, right?

Troika: Yes, you can transmute negative energies, and attachments, unfriendly ET's, or whatever, but what I just do is because it's easier and I like the easy way, is I say 'Please transmute anything and everything standing in my way of my total ascension and transformation into my Christ Self', and then you've got everything covered. The other caveat I do is I say 'on all dimensions, on all levels, through all time and space, past, present, and future.' When you do that, you include all your past lives, all your future lives, (because all time is simultaneous so things that we think we haven't done yet are still happening right here and now anyway we're just not aware of it), it covers parallel universes and other dimensions and other planets and galaxies, and it's just one of those loopholes, you know it's a loophole buster. It covers everything.

Mike: So you transform it like into a smoke don't you above your head?

Troika: Yes, that's just a visualization that helps me. You ask the Violet Flame then to transmute all this stuff, and my little visualization is that all this little dark stuff and this little negative stuff gets burned out, and you sort of become like Swiss cheese, with all these little holes where negative stuff used to be, is burnt out, so I kind of visualize it all going up out of my crown as smoke, and then you want to tell it what to turn into.

A lot of people just use the Violet Flame and just stop at that point. Again, with the Swiss cheese understanding, you've got all these vacant apartments for negative stuff to move in, and you can be walking down the mall and someone might have an argument there and that energy can just come into you and all of a sudden you feel angry and you feel like, 'what happened - why is this?'

Mike: So you want to fill it back up again?

Troika: So yes, you want to fill it, you want to tell the Violet Flame or the Divinity what you want to transmute this yucky stuff into. And here's where one can be very creative. My personal preference at this point since we are going into the Golden Age and the Christ energy is golden, like metallic gold, I ask the Violet Flame to transmute all that has been transmuted into the golden light, you know, the Christ Consciousness Light.

So I then visualize this big metallic gold ball of light above my head, and then I bring that into my body and ask it to permeate my entire body and to wrap around me and bring that energy in. You can bring in the energy of your choice. If you're working with something physical, a physical ailment, and you want to have healing, you can bring in the emerald light, you know the ray of abundance and prosperity and vibrant health and light. You can bring in the pink ray of the unconditional love, you can bring in whatever you want, and you can also layer them. You're not limited to just bringing one in, you can bring in all 13 rays if you want. So that is basically the 4 steps.

Mike: It's really a practical method that we can all use, and I've been using it, and it does make sense, and I really appreciate you explaining it so easily. I wanted to jump on a few more little topics, and then we've got to run. Time flies. Tell me a little about gem elixirs. I'm really fascinated with that. My understanding is that you use gem stones and minerals and you crush them up and you drink them in liquid. Tell me how that works.

Troika: No, you don't have to crush them up. It's vibrational. You still get to keep the gemstone. You get to eat your cake and have it, too, it's perfect!

Mike: I think I heard of someone where they crush them into bits or powder, but you don't have to do that?

Troika: No, you don't have to do that. A long time ago they did do that, but now that we understand vibration and homeopathics and the law of vibration and similarities and transferring of energy into water, we don't. It's very similar to the way they make flower essences. They do not crush the flowers and put them into a liquid. They take the flowers and place them in a bowl of water, and let the flowers sit there through a sun and a moon cycle, of 24 hours - it's best to do it on a full moon so you really get a lot of that light in, and you know, a little hocus-pocus, again a little intent, and the vibration of that flower or that gem, all of which have their own frequency and their own energy pattern and their own meaning, then gets instilled into that water, and that water then becomes the gem elixir or the flower tincture. Add alcohol - a lot of people go 'gosh, why do you use alcohol - it must be really a bad thing'. A really good quality of alcohol holds that frequency and the vibration and keeps it from dissipating, and can sometimes even increase it. So that's how those are made.

Mike: If you had to pick one or two for rejuvenation and just energy, what would you recommend to our audience?

Troika: Of gem elixirs?

Mike: Right.

Troika: Well, for physical rejuvenation, probably an emerald or a tourmaline. Tourmaline carries a lot of electrical charge to it. For reaching the higher realms and really opening up your crown chakra and allowing more of your higher energies to come in, you can't beat amethyst, and again that's that good old violet. Diamond is a real good all around crown chakra opener - it contains all the color rays within it. You know how a diamond sparkles in the light. You'll see yellow, green, red, purple, turquoise, etc. Every color ray is within the diamond. The diamond is very special. Ruby gives you strength and vitality, and it's a heart chakra opener. It's sometimes called the master stone because it does so many things.

Basically the color of the stone gives you a clue as to which chakra level it's working on. So, yellow stones would correspond with the solar plexus, and issues of power and strength and balance and stability. Anything pink or green or red, well red can be the base chakra, but also a certain kind of red can be the heart, and the blues - the lighter blues are the throat chakra, which is also called the power center, and the darker blues is the 3rd eye, and the purples are the crown chakra, and etc.

Mike: I see. Well that's fascinating. I think we're going to hear a lot more about gem elixirs and how they can help people.

Troika: Ya, you know the first time I started doing gem elixirs was in the 80's, and I went and got a Whole Life Expo Booth in Los Angeles, and I was going to sell all these gem elixirs. I sat there the whole weekend and sold one bottle because I was ahead of my time, nobody knew what they were.

Mike: Exactly. Well I'm fascinated by them and gem stones. I want to ask you kind of a fun question just to go out with. On your bio it says you have an Elvis Presley anecdote, and I just want to let you know that I've read biographies about Elvis and I'm fascinated by him, and he got deeply involved in metaphysics in the 1960's and soul searching, so why don't you talk a little bit about Elvis.

Troika: Elvis' very favorite book, and he used to buy it by the case, by the cases, and travel with it and pass it out to people, was 'The Infinite Way' by Joe Goldman, which was a very, very powerful metaphysical book. Elvis was a healer. There are anecdotes from people that traveled with him that he actually brought a few people back from the dead or from the near dead. You know there'd be traffic accidents when they were traveling around and Elvis would jump out and work on these people and he'd work on people and they'd come back and they'd look, and he'd say "Don't you ever tell anybody I did this man and enjoy your life", and he would jump back in his bus and go off. He was really something.

But the main thing about Elvis is that, as you know, he achieved such a level of fame through his voice and affected men and women equally. Very few of the swoony, idol kinds of singers had male fans as well as the females; it was usually the females that were all giddy over them, but Elvis really touched everybody's life. He's been gone for, well he left in '77, so 30 years this August, August 16th will be 30 years since he's been gone, and people that are just being born now and people that are 11, 12, 13 years old, they're big Elvis fans. I mean he's continuing to touch people's lives, and the reason why, the reason why he came to the planet at the time he did, is because in Atlantis he was with Saint Germain and a lot of other people, in the healing temples, and he was a very profound, high-level healer, and he did it through sound and through his voice.

So all of the Atlantian types, all the people that were around in Atlantis, which is most of us, to us it doesn't matter if he's singing 'Heart Break Hotel' or 'Love Me Tender' or a gospel song, the words don't really matter. It's the quality of his voice and the tones of his voice that lift and soothe and heal people. People are so drawn to Elvis because we remember him on a subconscious level from Atlantis.

Mike: Well there certainly was a spiritual component to his music.

Troika: Yes. He opened up so much on our planet. Just the things that he did on a 3rd dimensional level, I mean he's the one that really broke the color barriers that allowed black people to claim their own music and to be able to prosper and not be hidden back. He was the first popular artist to list his back-up singers on his records and to give them their due and recognize them. He brought the guitar, which was kind of a joke type instrument back then - it was like a hillbilly thing, and look at the guitar now and how prominent it is, and all the advancements that were made in guitars and electric guitars and all that.

Mike: Well, I want to thank you for being on the show, we're running out of time, but tell us when your time slot is and how they can find out more...

Troika: (Gives information on radio show and website.)

Mike: Thank you Troika for joining us. It was great, the time just flew.

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