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The VIOLET FLAME is an incredible tool of Transmutation and Transformation. It's uses and power is limited only by our lack of Imagination. This Webinar will open your eyes to some of the many ways we can benefit from the VIOLET FLAME!

Webinar Outline:

Class 1: Using the Violet Flame for YOU - Understanding the Deeper Meaning of the Basic Invocation; Why Some Types of Violet Flame Decrees Do NOT Benefit You; How to Customize Your OWN Personal Invocations; Working with Air & Water; Personal Protection in Various Situations, i.e. Crowds, Travel, etc.

Class 2: Using the Violet Flame with OTHERS - How to Work with Friends, Family, Co-workers, Strangers and Pets; Knowing When You Need "Permission" and When Not; Working with Governments, Entire Areas, Cities, States, Countries, and the Entire Planet; Working with Angels, Nature Spirits, Elementals, and Beings in Other Dimensions.

Class 3: Using the Violet Flame for PHYSICAL HEALING - How to Work on Yourself and Others; Various Ailments Used as Examples; Other Techniques and Colors to Use with the Violet Flame; Mental & Emotional Healing.

Class 4: Using the Violet Flame for PROSPERITY & ABUNDANCE - How to Work on Yourself and Others; What Works and What Does Not; Getting to the Core and Root Cause of Lack; What is the Truth of Abundance and Money?; Other Techniques and Colors to Use with the Violet Flame for Mental & Emotional Abundance.

Class 5: Question & Answer Session. Save up your questions, comments and/or experiences, that come up for you during the classes. You may ask them now. You may also email your questions to me in advance if you think that you will not be able to attend this session live. I will answer them during the call so that you may hear the answers during the Replay.

In addition to this amazing, life-changing information, Ascended Master Saint Germain transmitted his energy and blessings to us during each class - yes, REPLAYS also contain his energy & blessings. There is no difference between "live" and replays.

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